Archive of Gardening Columns

Robin Trott 2009-2012

Robin Trott serves as Horticulture Educator for Douglas County and currently writes horticulture articles relating to our local area which are published primarily in newspapers throughout the area. Read Robin Trott's Recent Articles.

Carrie Barre-LiBaire July-December 2008

Carrie Barre-LiBaire worked in the Douglas County Extension Office in 2008 and during that time wrote horticulture articles for publication in area newspapers relating to local gardening. We are happy to be able to share them here.

Larry Zilliox March-July 2008

For many years Larry Zilliox was the voice of horticulture in the Douglas County area, working with the Extension Office in Alexandria. Now he appears on the popular Yard and Garden program on Pioneer Public TV. We are privileged to be able to share his final garden columns from the time he served in Douglas County.