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University of Minnesota/Douglas County
Master Gardeners

The purpose of the Douglas County/University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardeners is to coordinate Master Gardener endeavors to improve the quality of life and the environment through horticultural education. The organization is a non-profit, non-partisan group having as its primary concern the education of citizens of Douglas County in Minnesota regarding horticultural activities.

The sponsors of this organization are the University of Minnesota Extension and the University of Minnesota State Master Gardener Program. Administrative support is provided by Douglas County.

In their initial year Master Gardeners complete a Core Course of training offered by the University of Minnesota and complete 50 volunteer work hours. To remain in good standing volunteers complete a minimum of 5 hours of education and 25 hours of volunteer work each year.

While our commitment is to residents of Douglas County primarily, all programs are open to the public in general.

For additional information read the About the Master Gardener program page on the Minnesota state Extension site.