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Let’s Get Growing Workshop!

As we begin our plans for gardening in 2017 local gardeners have a great opportunity for expanding their horizons by exploring the new opportunities found in the Let’s Get Growing Workshops. This year’s event is scheduled for April 8th at the Alexandria Technical and Community College.

2017 Lets Get Growing Cover Image

Two separate files are available for you to view or download and print out if you want. The first is our brochure. It provides basic program and registration information. The second is an extensive description of all the sessions and speakers that will be available. We hope this new addition here this year will be helpful to you.

As you will see by looking over these materials, the options this year are remarkable. You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity so make plans now to attend and reserve the date on your calendar.

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The Many Activities of Douglas County Master Gardeners

Among the most popular activities and projects of Douglas County Master Gardeners are the following:

In addition to participating in these events and activities you can also get personal help with your gardening questions by contacting one of Douglas County’s Master Gardeners personally. Check out the ways you can do this on the “Contact Us” page.