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Winter Gardening Projects

Many of us are enjoying our garden beds well into the fall this year as unusually mild weather has held on longer than normal. Some of us are still working at putting our gardens to bed but like it or not, soon winter will come on. Then what?

Actually, there are many garden activities that we can continue on through the winter months. Robin Trott in her garden column on October 5th writes, “Garden’s Put to Bed, Now What?” In her column she discusses seven great possibilities (and actually there are many more—she does’t even mention sharpening and repairing tools, for example).

Check it out. You are sure to find some ideas you can explore now that will make your gardening even more enjoyable next year. Keep your garden in mind through the winter and get prepared for next year.

Meanwhile your Master Gardeners are working hard already planning for our classes next spring and other activities I am sure you will enjoy.

The Many Activities of Douglas County Master Gardeners

Among the most popular activities and projects of Douglas County Master Gardeners are the following:

In addition to participating in these events and activities you can also get personal help with your gardening questions by contacting one of Douglas County’s Master Gardeners personally. Check out the ways you can do this on the “Contact Us” page.