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A Great Year for Gardening in Douglas County

This has been a good year for local gardening and many local gardeners have participated in the activities sponsored by our local Master Gardeners. As we move into fall, most of our projects for this year have come and gone, but there are still some gardening days ahead.

vetable garden

If you are a vegetable gardener you are probably busy picking and preserving your harvest. Tomatoes are ripe, potatoes and onions are being dug, and fall cole crops are getting ready to surge ahead as the cooler days are just what plants like broccoli like. And for those focusing on flowers, the fall mums are just getting into the swing of things.

We invite you to check out the fall community ed classes. There are always a good number offered by our Master Gardeners and there are sure to be some you would enjoy.

The Many Activities of Douglas County Master Gardeners

Among the most popular activities and projects of Douglas County Master Gardeners are the following:

In addition to participating in these events and activities you can also get personal help with your gardening questions by contacting one of Douglas County’s Master Gardeners personally. Check out the ways you can do this on the “Contact Us” page.